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Mass Communication Students Association atau MASSA adalah satu persatuan pelajar yang berdaftar di bawah Bahagian Hal Ehwal Pelajar (HEP) yang berperanan untuk menyatukan semua pelajar komunikasi tanpa mengira sequence dan menjalankan program untuk para pelajar di UiTM Shah Alam amnya dan di Fakulti Komunikasi dan Pengajian Media khususnya.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

UiTM MotoGP 2009 Roadshow

Event : UiTM MotoGP 2009 Roadshow
Category: Sports & Recreation - Automotive & Racing
Description: UiTM-SIC will be having a 'Roving Truck' Roadshow in conjunction with MotoGP 2009 (from 23-25 Oct 2009). This is an event by Advertising MC24S5C Student.

The details of our event as per below :

VENUE : UiTM International Centre (UIC) Carpark,
UiTM Shah Alam

DATE : 15th October 2009
TIME : 9.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

There will be:
  • Malaysian Airlines Enrich Grads registration.
  • A meet-with-the-fans session with the Malaysian Wild Card riders who will be race for Malaysian in Shell Advance Moto GP 2009 125 Series.
  • Motorbike Stunt Show performance by Shahfiez (former WaziBoyz) and Teams.
  • Shell Advance Moto GP 2009 Student's Price Ticket for sale.
  • Interactive games all throughout the day that you can participate in.

So come along now and bring your family & friends to our event!

Want to watch MotoGP from the main grandstand? Don't fret, you can grab a ticket for only RM40 (for students) and RM 80 (for non-students).

FOR ENQUIRES, please contact :

Project Manager// Erwan 019-377 6003
Vice Project Manager//Haziq 013-220 2987

Publicity & Promotions Team//
Fadzli 017-3606 136
Isham 012-220 6445
Ervina 016-929 9749

***To avoid any further confusion or misunderstanding, I would like to notify that our roadshow event in UiTM Shah Alam is completely FREE OF CHARGE.

The tickets (RM40 & RM80, as mentioned above) are for you to purchase should you want to watch the MotoGP racing at Sepang International Circuit (from 23-25 Oct 2009).

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MASSA mengucapkan tahniah dan selamat berjaya kepada pelajar MC224 kerana berjaya menganjurkan event besar sebegini.

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